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Presbyterian Child Center was established in 1973 and is the largest mission of First Presbyterian Church, subsidized by the church to enable us to keep our tuition one of the most affordable in Madison County.


We are a day care center and and an education center.  Our goal is to provide quality care and education for for children in and around our community; a place where you can rest comfortably knowing your child is in good hands.


            Désirée Youngblood                     Stacey Oty                            Linda Kilgore                       Michael Walsh                   Bev Woodard

                 Pastor                         PCC Administrator                 PCC Coordinator                     H.R. Director                      Treasurer

                                       Jennifer Thompson       Serena Crawford                 Dusty Hoover           Abbey Stonerock                                             Jessica Martin

   Tania Shunk         Dana Nance          Stella Barnett          Kate Brown                     Jennifer Duffy             Annie Clifton


211 Garfield Ave, London, OH 43140, USA

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